Technology Software development

VYZER SOLUTIONS INC has, over the course of its history, developed well-designed methodologies that allow us to be efficient and thorough in all our software development projects. VYZER also strives to meet client’s expectations in terms of delivery time, debugging, long-term needs and project cost. VYZER’S technology lab has also developed several stand-alone products. Each of these products has been extensively tested, both in terms of quality assurance and the latest usability.

Our pro-active approach to sourcing the best technologies in any given category and matching those technologies with the needs of our customers has made a Checkmark far more than just a group of passive order takers. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our vendors to ensure that the products we represent are well-recognized and receive high levels of visibility.

In consultation with our customer base, we decided to broadened our product range accordingly, following the path of bringing to the national and international IT market of both software and hardware organizational solutions. In doing so, the prime result is that we now enjoy an unparalleled cross-section of loyal customers - people whose purchasing power and need for leading edge technologies is significant. whose understanding of business is sufficient for them to realize the value of investing in technology which will enhance their abilities, and lastly but not least, whose faith in our ability to choose, implement and service these technologies, is the rewarding result of past successes. Today, we are more than ever focused in the area of desktop management, Enterprise Resource Management, security Application and application security development, e-commerce and B2B solutions and of course all of the opportunities that this creates.