Business Process Outsourcing

A wide range of BPO services provided by VYZER include data conversion and data entry projects. The young and efficient team of VYZER consultants has the proficiency and the capability to handle intricate data conversion projects. VYZER’S data conversion services including, but not limited to, Text conversion, PDF conversion, html conversion and XML conversion. High volume o f offshore and online data entry services also undertaken. It has been decided to focus more on the data conversion services, especially in XML data conversion.

Data conversion to XML is becoming globally important and will have a big impact on the web in the near future.VYZER is specialized in providing customized data conversion services designed to meet the unique needs of clients. VYZER’S software consultants helps clients to identify their needs and creates solutions in data conversion services that meets those needs. This BPO process has earmarked lot of achievements and milestones in VYZER business journey.